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6-Step Security Checklist for Social Media

published by on November 27, 2017


Best practices for restaurant owners & operators Social media marketing for restaurants offers enormous benefits to increase profits and build brand awareness. While many clients may tend to focus on messaging, promotions, and growing their brand awareness, there are also a few critical housekeeping tasks that should be done properly to ensure that you maintain … Read more

What to do if your restaurant fails a health inspection

published by on November 16, 2017


It happens every day, even to the best and most diligent restaurant staff and operations teams. It’s the lunch rush at your restaurant, and everyone is working as quickly as they can to get orders in and out to customers. Everything changes from one second to the next: your most hardworking server burns his hand … Read more

Building a new website, or redoing yours? Here’s the web design industry jargon you should know

published by on November 14, 2017


If you’re considering updating your company’s website or starting a new one from scratch, you’ll likely want to be in on the conversations with your web development team as your site, and online identity takes shape. Unfortunately, developers aren’t always the easiest people to communicate with as they tend to casually throw out development lingo … Read more

5 Must-Have Features for your Restaurant’s Website

published by on November 8, 2017


Restaurants pride themselves on providing a warm environment for visitors to enjoy time with their friends and family while creating meaningful memories over a good meal. While so much time and energy may be devoted to ensuring that your restaurant is pleasant and inviting and your food is of the highest quality, many businesses spend little time or effort ensuring that their  restaurant website design … Read more

How Social Media Marketing Helps Your Restaurant 

published by on November 6, 2017

Although it has been around for a while, Social Media Marketing is still often overlooked by many restaurateurs. Many of the clients we work with worry that they do not have the resources (staff, time, or money) to be successful with Social Media Marketing, while others simply don’t see the benefit. After learning about the benefits, … Read more

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