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What to do if your restaurant fails a health inspection

published by on November 16, 2017


It happens every day. Even to the best and most diligent of restaurant staff and operations teams. It’s the lunch rush at your restaurant, and everyone who works there is working as quickly as they can to get orders in and out to customers. Everything changes from second to second, and your restaurant may be … Read more

5 Must-Have Features for your Restaurant’s Website

published by on November 8, 2017


Restaurants pride themselves on providing a warm environment for visitors to enjoy time with their friends and family while creating meaningful memories over a good meal. While so much time and energy may be devoted to ensuring that your restaurant is pleasant and inviting and your food is of the highest quality, many businesses spend little time or effort ensuring that their  restaurant website design … Read more

How Social Media Marketing Helps Your Restaurant 

published by on November 6, 2017

Although it has been around for a while, Social Media Marketing is still often overlooked by many restaurateurs. Many of the clients we work with worry that they do not have the resources (staff, time, or money) to be successful with Social Media Marketing, while others simply don’t see the benefit. After learning about the benefits, … Read more

A Guide to Fake Restaurant Reviews, and What You Can Do About Them

published by on September 25, 2017


While all businesses must concern themselves with the impact of online reviews, restaurants have to be particularly concerned. Food criticism isn’t a new trend as it has been going strong since the 1803 publication of the “L’Almanach des gourmands.” Today, technology has democratized the reviewing of restaurant’s making true the old quip “everyone’s a critic.” … Read more

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