Our Story

We want to promote your strong points, emphasize the message about your skills, and make your brand easy to access from any device.

Headquartered in Tampa Bay, Absolute Mobile Solutions is an award-winning, full-service digital agency established in 1999. Alfred Goldberg, a Tampa Bay native, and his business partner, Dumitru Vlad, founded the company. Our mission is simple, we strive to help small and medium-sized enterprises achieve their business objectives using a combination of the latest technologies and innovative marketing strategies.

In the early days, our business focused on developing applications for the now-antiquated Palm Pilot. Since then, Absolute Mobile Solutions has evolved in both its client portfolio and services offered as new digital technologies have emerged. The company has grown to have more than forty employees in three countries. Already considered a pioneer in mobile app development, we have also developed a superb reputation in digital marketing. We help clients craft strategies using the latest digital best practices in SEO, social media marketing, advertising campaigns, web design and much more.

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In order to help our clients achieve superior results, we have always strived to remain on the cutting edge of new technologies. In 2016, Absolute became a thought leader in 360˚ video, virtual and augmented reality, and other emerging video technology platforms. Recently, the firm has begun to explore marketing applications of the Internet of Things (IoT).

When you’re a digital agency, you can never become comfortable with what you knew yesterday, as it might not be relevant today. We strongly believe that the only constant is change. Technology and the way in which consumers engage with brands are both in a constant state of change. Absolute Mobile Solutions has a passion for delving into the minds of consumers and crafting a strategy to help our clients achieve the results they seek.

Although Absolute has worked with companies all over the world, we are especially proud of the local companies we have served. Some local companies and brands that we have worked with include Pepin Distributing Company, the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Taco Bus, Tampa’s Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI), the Florida Holocaust Museum and Ciccio Restaurant Group.

Absolute Mobile Solutions has won several awards each year for its excellence in website design and digital marketing. It is the proud recipient of multiple Horizon Interactive Awards, the W3, the American Business Awards, the Communicators, and the Hermes Creative Awards. The company has worked on more than 200+ projects worldwide since its inception.

The Absolute Mobile Solutions team is a collective of top level programmers, web developers, graphic artists, content creators, editors, marketers and video production specialists. Together, we forge compelling content and deliver it to our clients’ audiences using the latest in digital technology. We are Google Partners and are certified in Search, Analytics, Fundamentals and Mobile Advertising. Work with us to achieve uncommon success for your brand or company.

Our team is a diverse group with many talents across the digital realm. We are capable of delivering powerful results and have a passion for working with clients on their projects all over the world. For more information, visit www.absolutemobilesolutions.com.

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